Shawn Rappaport

We have been evaluating KeyServer for a couple of weeks now and it’s a fantastic product!  Plus, your help desk has been very fast to reply to my questions each time I send email.

Ken Rosenberry

We absolutely love KeyServer and would not be able to run our labs without it! The program is fantastic. And everyone at Sassafras is always a joy to work with. I have nothing but the highest praise to pass along.

Robert Armitage

It was just stunning to get such stellar service. It is so refreshing to find a company small enough to give a darn, and big enough to be be able to afford programmers who know their ear from their elbow.

Keith Handley

I never have trouble with your software and the people I talk to always have good information. You write software like I’d like all software to be written and you treat me like I want to be treated.

Neil Clarke

We’re very pleased with our choice of KeyServer. We’ve expanded our use and rely on it heavily. We couldn’t offer half of what we do without it and most people don’t know it’s there. We’ve also been able to establish licensing contracts a lot more smoothly with this in place. It’s a well-respected product.

Laurie Larson

Recently had a request to know how much downtime the Administrative keyServer has had in the past year and was able to say, “What downtime?”  Last week, installed a seat-count license upgrade for the Academic KeyServer and took both servers to  the latest release, and nobody noticed. Happy customers, happy sysadmin.