Sassafras Simplifies Software Auditing & License Management

K2 version 6.1 simplifies software license compliance and usage tracking by automatically sorting application programs into categories.

Hanover, NH – September 14, 2005. Sassafras Software announced today that the upcoming K2 version 6.1, KeyAuditor & KeyServer, includes several new features to simplify software discovery and classification. In addition, an all-new Web Reports Server will automate report generation and enhance integration with other IT asset management processes.

K2 is a cross-platform IT asset management suite for software/hardware auditing, usage tracking, and license compliance enforcement. It manages software assets for Windows and Macintosh computers throughout an enterprise network, including the management of laptop computers both inside and outside the firewall.

Simplified Program Classification
Version 6.1’s “discovery rules” work automatically to sort and classify programs neatly into predefined and custom categories. The correct categorization of programs then helps make reporting and configuration of license management policies easier, as well as more complete and understandable.

Web Browser Report Access
The new report server component of version 6.1 provides direct web browser access to both real-time and saved reports – no external web server is required. The Web Reports home page grants open access to public reports while managing authenticated access to restricted reports. Customized scheduling and saved report templates allow great flexibility in meeting site-specific reporting needs. Notification of newly published reports can be made available through an RSS feed.

Rapid Client Deployment
K2 6.1 supports rapid, large-scale deployment of the K2 client agent through the use of Windows MSI and Macintosh Package installers. Client installers can be easily configured with site-specific options. Deployment is streamlined using common enterprise deployment tools such as Microsoft Active Directory with Group Policy Objects, Novell ZENworks, or Mac OS X Open Directory with Apple Remote Desktop.

Dashboard Widget
K2 6.1 takes advantage of new features in Apple’s Mac OS X version 10.4 “Tiger”. Monitoring the status and usage activity of a remote K2 KeyServer is just a keystroke away in Tiger’s Dashboard. Version 6.1’s Monitor widget provides real-time status monitoring without the overhead of launching a browser or K2’s full-featured administration application. From within the K2 Monitor widget, software managers have quick and convenient access to K2’s comprehensive collection of web reports, should further information be desired.

“Slipstreamed” Features add Convenience Now
Sassafras Software has moved ahead with some previously announced features for version 6.1 and released them early in the current shipping version. Customers can immediately take advantage of K2’s organizational “Division” feature and accompanying reports, which are included in the most recent 6.0 releases.

In addition to the new Division reports, several other built-in reports have been added or enhanced, including the software audit baseline and delta reports, license compliance reports, and software inventory reports. A new report architecture, originally designed for 6.1, has been pre-released to give large sites the immediate advantage of a many-fold speed increase in report execution.

K2 Upgrade Availability and Pricing
K2 6.1 will be available in 2006. There will be no price increase for K2, even with the addition of the new reports Web Server, which compliments K2’s license management and IT auditing functions.

Upgrade costs are computed based on the size of each K2 installation and its last purchase date. Customers who purchased K2 after November 30, 2004, and customers with an Upgrade Subscription Plan, will receive K2 version 6.1 at no charge when it is released. New purchase costs are computed on a per-client basis with prices ranging from approximately US$10 to US$55 per client with discounts for educational use.

About Sassafras Software, Inc.
Sassafras Software has been a pioneer in software asset management since 1989. K2 manages software assets across a local or global enterprise with a uniquely scalable, highly optimized management technology. Business, education and government customers rely on K2 to manage software assets on computers throughout the world.

K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer – an integrated Asset Management Suite for:

  • Automated Software Auditing & Inventory
  • Software License Management/Compliance
  • Software Metering/Usage Metrics
  • Extensive, built-in and customizable Reports
  • Supports Desktop and Laptop computers: Windows, Macintosh, & Thin client

Additional information and evaluation copies are available by contacting:

Sassafras Software Inc.

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