Sassafras Software Leads SAM Standards Development

Hanover, NH – May 2, 2007: Sassafras Software recently accepted a leadership role in developing an international standard for software licensing entitlements. John Tomeny* of Sassafras is leading a committee of major software developers and corporate software asset managers in the creation of an important new computing standard.

The proposed SAM Software Entitlement standard will streamline the procedures that IT administrators use to match licensing entitlements with installed software discovered during a software audit. It will provide significant benefits for everyone involved in the development, distribution, management, and use of software products in the following ways:

  • Software Manufacturers will have a more consistent and standardized method to define the entitlements that a procurement department obtains when they purchase software. The standard does not limit licensing options – software vendors will be able to define their own licensing policies.
  • Software Asset Management (SAM) tools will finally have the ability to accurately identify all software components that should be associated with each entitlement. Today’s asset management tools make a best-effort approach at matching software installations to purchases. However, since standardized software ID information is currently unavailable to tools during the software audit process, many end-user organizations limit the scope of the software titles on which they measure compliance. Under the draft ISO 19770-2 and the proposed Software Entitlement standard, tool vendors will be able to provide accurate, flexible and automated reconciliation methods to allow compliance tracking of more software titles.
  • Software purchasing officers and SAM administrators will know what details must be tracked and measured in order to ensure licensing compliance. Today, whether or not end-user organizations use software auditing and measurement tools, the reconciliation process is a best-effort attempt that often focuses only on high visibility software contracts. As new standards are adopted, SAM administrators will be able to more easily show compliance for all software installed in their organization.

Development of the draft Software Entitlement standard is being managed by the International Business Software Managers Association’s (IBSMA) Software Licensing Practices Committee (SLPC) under Mr. Tomeny’s guidance and may be proposed to the International Organization for Standardization (ISO) this year to form a working group and gain formal adoption of the standard.

ISO/IEC 19770-1, a definition of 27 software asset management processes, was published by ISO on May 1, 2006. The ISO/IEC 19770-2 is a specification for standardized software identification and tagging that is currently in draft form before the ISO working committee. The proposed Software Entitlement standard will dovetail with the software asset identification capabilities of the draft 19770-2 standard. It will facilitate construction of tools to aid in the reconciliation of software license entitlements with audited usage and deployment reports.

*Mr. Tomeny is a recipient of the 2007 SAM Practitioner of the Year award from the International Business Software Managers Association. This year, IBSMA selected individuals for their work on the international draft standard for software identification and tagging (ISO/IEC 19770-2). Winners were chosen by an independent panel of experts from around the country affiliated with ECPweb and IBSMA.

About Sassafras Software Inc.
Sassafras Software Inc. was an early pioneer in the development of software license management technology for desktop computers. They have been providing IT asset management solutions since their first public release of KeyServer in 1990. As a leader in licensing technology, Sassafras Software is an active participant in several industry forums that promote the dialog between SAM administrators, compliance officers, software publishers, licensing service providers, and industry associations.

The International Business Software Managers Association (IBSMA) is an international association of SAM professionals working together to develop and promote SAM best practices and address issues of common concern.

About SLPC
The SLPC is open to all interested parties with membership in the IBSMA. The current efforts of the committee include the participation of representatives from over 20 major software publishers and end-user corporations with interests in software asset management.

About ISO
ISO (International Organization for Standardization) is the world’s largest developer of standards. It is a non-governmental, worldwide federation of national standards bodies from 157 countries.

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