Sassafras K2 Supports new Adobe Licensing Options

Hanover, NH – July 2, 2007: In June 2007, Adobe Systems Incorporated reintroduced the concurrent-use licensing option for Adobe Acrobat products. Education customers can purchase concurrent licensing rights for Adobe Acrobat 8 Standard, Professional, and 3D under the CLP volume pricing program. Concurrent licensing continues to be offered for all Adobe CS3 products under the same program. Details on the CLP program are available on Adobe’s website at

K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer is the tool most recommended by software publishers for managing concurrent-use limits as well as other software licensing policies. KeyServer began shipping in 1990 for concurrent-use license enforcement and has evolved through the years into K2: a comprehensive Software Asset Management (SAM) tool that tracks installations and usage while managing all common types of software license.

What is Concurrent-use (floating) licensing?
A software licensing model based on the peak number of simultaneous uses of a software product – a usage-based license. A license is temporarily assigned to a computer only when the software is in use. As soon as the program quits, the license is then free to “float” to a different computer. The license must be managed by a mechanism or process that ensures that the total number of computers running the software at any given point in time does not exceed the number of licensed copies.

What is Single computer (node-locked) licensing?
A software licensing model that requires the purchase of a dedicated license for each computer on which the software is installed – an installation-based license. Each license is assigned to a specific computer without regard to usage patterns. Also called “per-device” licensing.

What if I don’t have Concurrent-use licensing?
K2 will manage all common types of software licenses, including single computer (node-locked) and Site licenses. K2 will help you achieve the most efficient use of any common software license while enforcing the specified licensing policy. K2 reports help identify wasted software assets and the K2 management console lets you reclaim under-utilized assets for deployment elsewhere. Detailed usage reports provide crucial information to help organizations reduce their overall software costs.

About K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer
Whatever licensing models your organization must manage, K2 will help you to stay compliant and within budget on software purchases. K2 manages software assets across a local or global enterprise with a uniquely scalable, highly optimized management technology – supporting both online and mobile use. Business, education and government customers rely on K2 to manage software assets on computers throughout the world.

About Sassafras Software Inc.
Sassafras Software Inc. is an early pioneer in the development of software license management technology for desktop computers. Sassafras has been providing IT asset management solutions since their first public release of KeyServer in 1990.

K2 product details are available on-line at

Additional information and evaluation copies are available from Sassafras Software at: 603-643-3351,

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