Sassafras announces K2 version 6.1, KeyAuditor & KeyServer with new IT Asset Management Reporting capabilities

Hanover, NH – January 5, 2005. Sassafras Software today announced an upcoming release for version 6.1 of their integrated IT asset management suite, K2 – KeyAuditor and KeyServer. K2 is a policy-driven software asset management tool that performs software deployment and usage audits, collects computer hardware inventory profiles, and enforces software licensing terms.

Version 6.1 adds several enhancements to K2’s extensive collection of built in reports. A new web report service further facilitates software usage and license compliance management, providing authenticated browser access to both static and real-time reports.

Customers who purchased K2 after November 30, 2004, and customers with an Upgrade Subscription Plan, will receive K2 version 6.1 when it is released in 2006.

Reports for Organizational Divisions
With K2’s “Division” feature, corporate, government, and educational sites can manage and report on separate operating divisions, multiple regions, different buildings, and other classifications of the computer and user population. K2 version 6.1 includes more than 60 base report modules for summary and analysis of software/hardware audits, software usage, and license compliance. The ability to apply selection and sorting parameters to the base reports using an easy point-and-click administrative interface effectively increases the number of built in reports to several hundred.

In addition to the Division reports, several other report modules have been added or enhanced since the initial K2 release including: software Audit baseline and delta reports, license compliance reports, software inventory reports, etc.

Web Browser Report Access
A new component introduced in K2 version 6.1 provides direct web browser access to both saved reports and real-time generated HTML reports. User customization of the reports home page gives great flexibility in meeting site-specific reporting needs while providing easy access to the essential functionality provided by built-in report modules.

Standards-based Integration with Third-party Tools
K2 6.1 offers tremendous flexibility in report generation and integrates with numerous help-desk, procurement and IT management tools. Its built-in reports provide details for software deployment, licensing and utilization, migration planning, and computing asset lifecycle management.

In addition to built-in reports, K2’s standards-based ODBC driver allows administrators to directly access K2 databases with any ODBC-compliant reporting tool such as Crystal Reports, Remedy, Infra, Microsoft Access, Excel, FileMaker, etc. Internal K2 data can be linked directly to other enterprise data sources using standard SQL join syntax. Alternatively, K2 data can be exported on an automated schedule to any enterprise data server (SQL Server, Oracle, etc.) for direct incorporation into enterprise database systems.

Network and SQL optimizations incorporated into version 6.1 have provided significant performance boosts for built-in reports when run against either K2 internal data or exported data.

Integrated IT Asset Management
K2 conducts automated pc audits for software discovery and computer profiles integrated with software usage management and license compliance. K2’s extensive auditing and software management capabilities are built upon the rock-solid foundation of its server component, KeyServer, with its 15-year history of reliability, scalability, and compatibility. K2 manages Windows, Macintosh, and thin-client computers in any networked or mobile computing environment.

K2 Upgrade Availability and Pricing
K2 6.1 will be available in 2006. Upgrade costs are computed based on the size of each K2 installation and its last purchase date. Customers who purchased K2 after November 30, 2004, and customers with an Upgrade Subscription Plan, will receive K2 version 6.1 when it is released in 2006.

New purchase costs are computed on a per-client basis with prices ranging from approximately US$10 to US$55 per client with discounts for educational use.

About Sassafras Software, Inc.
Sassafras Software has been a pioneer in software asset management since its first release of KeyServer in 1989. KeyServer proved its ability to manage software assets across a local or global enterprise with a uniquely scalable, highly optimized management technology. Business, education and government customers rely on K2 to manage software assets on close to two million computers throughout the world.

K2 – KeyAuditor & KeyServer – an integrated Asset Management Suite for:

  • Automated Software Auditing & Inventory
  • Software License Management/Compliance
  • Software Metering/Usage Metrics
  • Extensive, built-in and customizable Reports
  • Supports Desktop and Laptop computers: Windows, Macintosh, & Thin client

Additional information and evaluation copies are available by contacting:

Sassafras Software Inc.

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