IT Asset Management (ITAM) Goal: Optimization of Computing Resources

IT Resource Management

We just published a great new case study demonstrating a somewhat unexpected application of K2 for effective IT Resource Management. Our thanks go out to the IT staff at Evergreen State College who collaborated with us on this study.

This study demonstrates how one organization used K2 reports to optimize the allocation of staff time in support of computing services. While the study was written in an academic setting, similar challenges are faced by corporate and government customers where K2 reporting functionality can likewise prove invaluable for guiding decisions and optimizing computing resource allocation.

Measuring Demand for Computers

Evergreen had to cut back on certain IT services to stay in budget. But when they reduced lab hours a bit too much, the students protested. Evergreen needed a way to accurately inform themselves of the best times to open and close computing labs. K2’s historical record of software usage and computer logins provided the data for quick summarization and analysis using one of the built in reports.

K2 Informs IT Asset Management (ITAM) Decisions

K2-KeyServer Login report

K2’s Login report, with Time Sets applied, informed Evergreen’s staffing decisions.

The primary goal of IT Asset Management (ITAM) is effective optimization of computing resources. By defining custom Time Sets and applying them to the login Histogram report, K2 was able to clearly display computing resource demand during evening and weekend time slots. A more appropriate schedule for lab closures was easily deduced.

To read the whole study of how K2 guided the way for effective IT resource management at Evergreen State College, see IT Resource Management using K2 – a Case Study. Or visit our Case Studies Home Page to browse through other studies.

License Optimization for Physical, Virtual & Cloud Computing

Of course Evergreen also uses K2 to analyze usage demand for various software titles so they can optimize license allocations and purchasing decisions. Like many organizations, a close look at usage patterns is helping them achieve the greatest value from their investment in license entitlements.

Perhaps less obvious; as they look ahead to future purchases and possible cloud subscription options, the reports summarizing historical usage patterns are invaluable for comparing options, for planning, and for negotiating. As the mix of software delivery methods evolves toward more virtualized and cloud technologies, K2 usage tracking will continue to provide Evergreen with a unified view of software usage across all of these variations.

To learn more about Time Sets in K2 custom reports, read the article on Using Time Sets for fine grained Usage Reporting. If you have some specific requirements and would like to learn other ways to customize K2 reports for special purposes, contact us at

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