Choosing a Computer ID type

With any system that maintains a database of computers, a critical question is how each record is uniquely identified. For many organizations, identifying computers simply by Computer Name is sufficient – but there can be reasons to consider other data points. In particular, if computer names are not well regulated, it is safer to create […]

Policy Configuration Basics

Any organization using KeyServer has a powerful tool for learning how and where computers and software are being used. Using KeyServer, policies can be configured which specify how product usage should be handled – ignored, denied, observed, or actively managed. By setting up such policies, you will be able to understand usage patterns and make […]

KeyServer Fundamentals: Network Organization and Hardware Management

Two sessions available: Wednesday, February 28th 10AM EST (3PM UTC)  or 7PM EST (11AM March 1st AEDT)   We’ve heard it a thousand times: “We don’t need SAM anymore because Adobe and Microsoft went to the cloud, license management is built in for this and that, and we just buy site licenses for everything now.” In other words: “We […]

2018-02-01 Image Released

The February 1 image has been released, which includes version of all K2 components. This release fixes identification of Visual Studio 2017 editions, fixes a bug where Software Availability search can fail to return all results in some cases, and makes some incremental improvements to maps. For full details on all changes and bug […]

Lab Computer and Software Availability Maps in K2 KeyServer

Though availability maps have been around since the 7.2 version of KeyServer, we’ve found that many K2 administrators either still aren’t aware of them, or they just aren’t sure where to start when it comes to implementing them. Therefore, we’ve put together the video above to help you get going. If you’d prefer to read through the instructions, […]

SAM and K2 KeyServer in the Age of GDPR

In case you thought software license compliance wasn’t complex, confusing, or expensive enough already–say hello to GDPR, Europe’s well-intentioned approach to maximizing complexity, confusion, and cost in the name of personal data privacy and security. What is GDPR? GDPR stands for “General Data Protection Regulation.” It’s a new EU law with implications that reach far beyond the […]

2018-01-01 Image Released

The January 1 image has been released, which includes version of all K2 components. This release fixes a bug when trying to establish Trusted Service connections ( components only), makes various improvements to KeyReporter, and other assorted issues. For full details on all changes and bug fixes, visit the Release History.