2014-04-11 image released

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The April 11 image has been released, which includes version of KeyAccess. This release fixes a bug in KeyAccess where Hardware information was not sent to the server as part of a hardware audit. In addition, KeyAccess on Windows has a new special case to distinguish different editions of SQL Server. For full […]

Manually Creating Accurate Product Definitions

K2 includes a Product Recognition Service (PRS) which automatically analyzes the software discovered on computers within your organization and provides relevant product details for use in license management, software optimization, and cost reduction. While the PRS recognition database is constantly evolving to keep up with new product releases and uncommon discoveries, you are never forced […]

Five Cost Reduction Strategies in Software Asset Management

Software Cost Reduction

K2’s entitlement-based approach to Software Asset Management can get companies to cost reduction very quickly. We regularly receive feedback from customers who experience great success at hardware and software cost reduction and cost containment. K2 helps them to efficiently deliver software and hardware assets and IT services to their user communities. There are many specific […]

2014-03-11 image released

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The March 11 image has been released, which includes version of KeyServer and KSdbConsist. This release fixes a KeyServer bug where, after a full audit of the client, some programs might remain in the audit data even though they have been deleted on the client. For full details, visit the Release History. This same […]

Invitation to Participate in Testing ISO/IEC 19770-3 Software License Entitlement Standard

ISO/IEC 19770 SAM Standards

Development of the ISO/IEC 19770-3 software license entitlement standard has recently reached a milestone achievement with the publication of Committee Draft 2, which has recently been distributed to national standards bodies for international review and balloting. And with that achievement, John Tomeny (the convener of the team responsible for the development of 19770-3) is extending […]

Clutter: when to delete, when to hide


The KeyConfigure user interface supports deletion of any of the main objects, but you should think twice before deleting. Often the motivation for deleting objects is to “clean up” the data. However, there are better ways to clean up than simply deleting data. Deleted objects can no longer be displayed in reports and this can obscure […]