Welcome to 2020

Welcome to 2020, where the only remaining constancy is software publishers trying to extract every last dollar out of their customers. If you’re a large organization, at best this has required a change in T&Cs and at worst, organizational chaos has ensued as you realign your vendors (throw them out!) to support your mission. The […]

Social Distancing with Sassafras Maps

Social Distancing

You may or may not know this, but the KeyReporter map drawing tools include a little-known feature that can be useful when (re)arranging classrooms and labs to meet new social distancing requirements. When you enter floorplan editing mode, just look for the measuring tape icon in the top right corner, click it, and then click […]

Setting up Remote Links

In we formally added the ability to show remote connection links on Availability maps. We enhanced the options for this based on customer feedback in While the settings are documented at http://www.sassafras.com/hrl/7.6/kr_availability.html#nomap we find there a lot of questions about how all the Map options might come together. This post seeks to explore […]

KeyReporter Security Considerations

Now more than ever customers have questions and concerns about best practices for securing the KeyReporter web interface and information it contains. Here we’ll explore some common questions and suggestions for KeyReporter, with a focus on the new Remote Connect feature added in Note that as of writing is the current release which […] Refines RDP Access With More Options and Improved User Experience

In the new release, several changes have been made to Maps functionality to add options and improve the user interface (when setting up and/or using RDP/VNC links). The Properties window for each Division or Tag-based computer group has been reorganized into a tab-based structure, making room for the new options. In the Remote tab, RDP […]

TeamDynamix Integration Brings Computer and Software Data to the Help Desk

TeamDynamix Logo

TeamDynamix is a popular service and project management tool designed for Education, Public Sector, and Healthcare. Sassafras KeyServer is a hardware and software asset management suite providing detailed auditing and usage tracking. Because hardware and software inventory and usage statistics are valuable to help desk workers and other IT service providers working in the TeamDynamix […]