2019-09-12 image release

The image has been released, which includes a number of minor bug fixes and enhancements. A complete list of changes can be found here. Notable new fixes and features include: Bug fixes: When embedded with frame-body or frame-core, the “list view” of a computer location in KeyReporter did not display. This problem has been […]

Custom Workflows with JavaScript

Although your KeyServer contains a wealth of information about the computers on your network (and the software installed on them), some read/write actions can only be performed one-at-a-time in the default interface. But did you know that KeyConfigure allows you to install custom JavaScript “plug-ins” that will perform bulk actions all at once? Not only […]

2019-08-08 image released

The August 8 image has been released, which includes version of all components. In addition to a number of minor bug fixes, this new image build improves upon a number of the new features announced in 7.6 like PaperCut integration and Product Families, based on user feedback. Improvements to PaperCut integration include: The Authorization […]

Sassafras Printer Management Integration

Have you ever considered leveraging the data from your print management solution to provide realtime printer status information for users outside the team that manages them? In the new 7.6 build of Sassafras KeyServer, with its brand new printers database designed for PaperCut or IPP integration (with more integrations coming soon), you can. As you […]

2019-06-08 image released

The June 8 image has been released, which includes version of all K2 components. This release fixes some bugs with using external authentication for admins and contains a number of fixes for KeyReporter pages and reports. In addition, there are various minor bug fixes and functionality improvements. For full details on all changes and […]

2019-04-28 image released

The April 28 image has been released, which includes version 7.5.1 of all K2 components. This release fixes a bug where Notes for Time Sets can cause high memory usage, a bug in only where reports fail to export to ODBC, and a bug saving KeyReporter dashboards for externally authenticated accounts. In addition, there […]

Short-Burst Training Tutorials

Training Tutorial

Rather than sit through our comprehensive “Fundamentals” training course, many new KeyServer admins would prefer an indexed list of topic specific, “short burst” videos that cover all the highlights of a specific piece of functionality in 2-7 minutes. With that in mind, we have created the following categorized tutorial videos, with more on the way. […]