Major Upgrade

This document explains the procedures for performing major upgrades of K2 components (e.g., 7.3 to 7.4). For documentation on Minor Upgrades of any component (e.g., from 7.4.x to 7.4.y), and for moving a 7.4 KeyServer from one host to another, refer to the Minor Updates documentation.

Performing a major upgrade of the components is technically simple. KeyAccess can be upgraded to version 7.4 at any time - KeyAccess 7.4 is "backward compatible", meaning it will work correctly when connecting to KeyServer 7.4 or earlier so clients can be upgraded before any of the other components. KeyServer and KeyConfigure should be upgraded from 7.3 to 7.4 at the same time.

The sections below give some important details, especially for upgrading KeyServer itself.

On some versions of Windows OS, when a folder is opened for viewing its contents using Windows Explorer then the folder and its contents cannot be changed by any other program. Close the Sassafras K2 window (inside the Programs folder) and all its sub-folders before attempting to run any of the K2 installers.

Major Upgrade of KeyServer

The upgrade of KeyServer to 7.4 will transform the existing configuration and data to the 7.4 data formats while preserving a backup copy of your older KeyServer Data Folder. For this reason, upgrading will typically require enough disk space to duplicate the older KeyServer folder in its entirety.

Major Upgrade of KeyServer from 6.x to 7.4

If you are upgrading directly from 6.x to 7.x, the changes in functionality and UI are significant, and you should spend some time reading the following documents:

  • 6.x -> 7.x Important Changes will give an initial overview of what is new and different in version 7. Read this document first.
  • Quick Install & Tour gives a tour of the KeyConfigure 7.4 interface and KeyServer 7.4 features, starting with an empty data folder. This document will be more interesting the further back your previous version of KeyServer was. You might consider downloading the version 7.4 image and running a KeyServer as an evaluation. Experimenting with a clean slate will make new concepts in version 7.4 easier to understand than immediately trying to understand every aspect of your KeyServer after it has been converted to version 7.4.

Step by step instructions for performing the upgrade are documented in Server 6.x -> 7.4. This document also describes how your old configuration will be transformed in the new KeyConfigure interface. You should read this entire document before actually starting the upgrade.

Major Upgrade of KeyServer from 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, or 7.3 to 7.4

The basic configuration and interface in 7.4 are very similar to 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, and 7.3.

Step by step instructions for performing the upgrade are documented in Server 7.3 -> 7.4. You should read this entire document before actually starting the upgrade.

Major Upgrade of KeyShadow

You don’t actually “upgrade” an old KeyShadow installation - just shut down the KeyShadow process and throw away the entire KeyShadow folder. You will need to create a new "shadow.lic" that supports the new version. The server installer is used to install the server components but with a shadow.lic file instead of the server.lic file. Follow the instructions for a first time startup of the KeyShadow - install of KeyShadow.

When you upgrade KeyServer to version 7.4 from 7.3 or earlier, you should also replace all shadows with version 7.4 as soon as possible. Old shadow versions may give some degree of partial service, but they cannot mirror any of the new KeyServer features and may not even support old features reliably when shadowing the 7.4 KeyServer.


Major Upgrade of KeyConfigure

Before running the Admin installer, quit KeyConfigure. The version 7.4 Admin installer looks for the “Admin” folder inside the “Sassafras K2” folder. If the Admin folder already contains KeyConfigure 7.4.x, the installer simply updates all the 7.4 components. If the installer finds an older KeyConfigure such as version 7.2, the old Admin folder will be moved aside (e.g. renamed to "7.2 Admin"), in case you need to also maintain a copy of the older version.

KeyConfigure 7.4 will only connect to KeyServer 7.4. If you need to also manage a version 7.3 or earlier KeyServer, you will need to keep a matching version of KeyConfigure.

Major Upgrade of KeyAccess

Clients are easily upgraded from 7.3 or earlier to 7.4 by simply running the latest K2Client installer. Clients will retain their connection information (and portable licenses, if any) after the upgrade.

While we always do everything possible to maintain backward compatibility between new versions of KeyServer and older clients, it is sometimes impossible for old clients to have full functionality when connecting to a new KeyServer. For example, audits and usage of Java programs are only supported by KeyAccess 7.3 or later. KeyServer awareness of a computer that is turned on but has no one logged is only supported by KeyAccess 7.4 or later. In order for the full functionality of KeyServer 7.x to be supported across all clients, it is recommended that you upgrade all clients to or higher. If you cannot upgrade all clients right away, you should be aware of any limited functionality of older clients. Degradation of functionality with older version of KeyAccess is described in detail in the Important Changes, 6.x -> 7.x document. Of course it is also best to keep your clients up to date with the latest KeyAccess version to avoid wasting time on bugs that have already been fixed. Consult the Upgrade Warnings and Component History for specific documentation of bug fixes and known issues.

On the other hand, there is never a down side to upgrading KeyAccess whenever possible. A new KeyAccess will always be fully compatible with an old KeyServer. In order to make KeyAccess upgrades easier you may want to consult the Deployment document.