II. Quick Install & Tour

Clean-upremoving the K2 demo files
41. Remove KeyConfigure
42. Remove the K2 client software, KeyAccess

Clean-upremoving the K2 demo files

Having completed the demonstration of basic K2 features, you will probably want to install your production KeyServer on a different host computer. Whenever you are ready, you can use the steps below to clean-up.

If you have gone beyond the demo tour steps above and actually configured useful management policies in KeyConfigure, don't throw out your KeyServer installation – it can be upgraded to a production server and/or moved to a new host without losing any of your work. In this case you may want to skip various steps below. Check the upgrade documentation.

40. Uninstall the KeyServer

Stop the KeyServer service using the Services Control Panel. Use the Programs and Features (Add / Remove) Control Panel to uninstall “Sassafras K2 KeyServer”. This will remove all files except for the KeyServer Data Folder. Now you can move the “Sassafras K2\Server” folder to the Recycle Bin.

The “Sassafras K2/Server” folder is actually an alias to the folder “/Library/KeyServer”. Use the ks-StartStop applet in this folder (or Activity Monitor) to quit the process named ks and then remove /Library/KeyServer.

You may want to keep the admin program, KeyConfigure, in place on your demo computer for use in managing your production KeyServer. It is also easy enough to remove:

The KeyConfigure admin program and all its support files are contained in the folder named “Admin” inside the folder “Sassafras K2”.

41. Uninstall KeyConfigure

Quit KeyConfigure. Use the Programs and Features (Add/ Remove) Control Panel to uninstall “Sassafras K2 Admin”.

Drag the “Admin” folder to the trash. Use the ODBC Administrator utility to delete the entry for the ksODBC driver (if you installed this extra option).

You may want to keep the client program, KeyAccess, in place on your demo computer, but be sure to use KeyAccess Setup (see step 2b) to re-configure the server address when your production KeyServer is in place. To remove the client software:

42. Uninstall the K2 client software, KeyAccess

Use the Add/Remove Control panel to remove the “Sassafras K2 Client”.

Use “K2Client-Remove.pkg”. This un-installer can be found in the “Installers/Macintosh Installers/Misc” folder within the complete downloaded image archive, k2v73arch.dmg.

This concludes the basic tour of K2. For further information on specific topics, be sure to consult the context sensitive help system which is always available from any KeyConfigure window or dialog via right click.

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