TN 7773.1: Bentley special case executables

In order to insure that a launch of a Bentley program will not accrue usage charges when the launch is blocked by a KeyServer Policy, several executables are especially recognized by the latest KeyAccess client, or better.

These Bentley programs will “stall” on launch for a few seconds in order to make time for KA to contact KS.

Program executables that do not appear on the list above can still be managed by K2 so that usage beyond a licensed limit can still be blocked. Depending on exact timing details of when a launch is blocked by KeyServer vs. when Bentley's logging code is activated, there is a possibility that a blocked launched will appear in Bentley's logs as a few seconds of usage. Then those few seconds may be tallied up as a full one or two hours of license consumption, as explained in TN 7773 – but apparently for some Bentley programs (or licensing options?), usage below some small threshold may not be counted anyway.

Other Bentley programs, including those listed below, may be executed as subsidiary to one of the special executables above so they do not require a delay.