TN 7760: Program Stamps for Windows Acrobat - ACROBAT, ACROSTD, ACROPRO, ACRO3D

Windows Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Professional both use the exact same executable file, Acrobat.exe, and sometimes KeyAccess cannot determine which type of Acrobat is installed or used. Sassafras defines a special product named “Adobe Acrobat Unknown Type Win” in order to help notice this ambiguous case.

2011.10.20 (reviewed)

Some sites may have purchased both Acrobat Standard and Acrobat Professional for Windows. However, both of these products use the identical Acrobat.exe executable file. When Acrobat is run, KeyAccess will try to determine what type of Acrobat is installed so that KeyServer can grant an appropriate license to KeyAccess. If KeyAccess can identify which Acrobat is installed it will use a unique “Identifier” when communicating with KeyServer. This Identifier appears in the Programs window, as well as in the Programs pane of the Product Details windows. The possible Identifiers are:

Usually, KeyAccess will succeed in identifying which Acrobat is present, so generally you will only need to be concerned with the stamps ACROSTD and ACROPRO (and to a lesser degree ACRO3D which was only sold for a few versions). However, there are certain well defined conditions under which KeyAccess will be unable to tell which Acrobat is present:

So, if you know that you have 32 bit KeyAccess earlier than 6.1.3 or 64 bit KeyAccess earlier than 7.0 on some of your clients, you may want to add the appropriate variant with stamp ACROBAT to any product containing ACROSTD or ACROPRO for which you have policies.

There is also a product definition in the Sassafras defined products named “Adobe Acrobat Unknown Type Win”. This product helps you check for audits containing a version of ACROBAT which should not normally be used by running the Audit Products (PROD x comp) report on the “Adobe Acrobat Unknown Type Win” product. The product contains precisely those versions of the ACROBAT Identifier which are normally special-cased and avoided. If any computers show up in an Audit Products report for this product it indicates that for some reason KeyAccess could not determine what type of Acrobat was installed. Note that you should not make any Policies for this special product, since it does not correspond to any real product. Instead, if you discover clients using the ACROBAT stamp, you can add ACROBAT variants to existing products which have ACROSTD or ACROPRO variants.

If you encounter a case where KeyAccess uses the ACROBAT Identifier and it is not explained by any of the well known cases above, please contact us and describe your observations.