TN 3697: Choose "Short Name" or full "Name" for upload to KeyServer as Macintosh account user name

KeyAccess installations on Macintosh can be customized to upload "Short Name" (aka Login ID) instead of the default full "Name" (aka Display Name) for use in KeyConfigure reports and configuration windows.

2008.11.02 (reviewed)

By default, the KeyAccess client for Macintosh uploads the full user login account "Name" to the KeyServer for display by KeyConfigure as the user name field in various reports and configuration windows. Starting with KeyAccess version, this default can be changed to the "Short Name" of each client by modifying the com.sassafras.KeyAccess.plist on each client. In the plist, set the 'name' key to the value 3 (instead of its default value 0). Note: subsequent upgrade installs of the client software, KeyAccess, will preserve this changed plist value.