TN 3692: SuperLab from Cedrus can be supported via a vendor policy

Cedrus has implemented KeyServer support for both Windows and Macintosh. This technote describes how to configure Cedrus products for use with KeyServer.

2008.09.30 (reviewed)

On Windows there is a single installer that will work as SuperLab Pro or Demo, depending on whether a Nalpeiron license number is available. This single installation is also capable of receiving either a SuperLab Pro or SuperLab RunTime policy from KeyServer.

On the Macintosh, there is no license number support, so the correct KeyServer functionality is obtained by installing the demo version--NOT the full SuperLab Pro version-- and launching it while connected to a KeyServer with a valid SuperLab Pro .lic file in place.

The program should not be keyed. SuperLab should be installed normally, and it will function automatically using the client machine's installed KeyServer client software. On request, Cedrus provides sites with a superlab_license.lic file which should be copied where expected by the KeyServer software. This file contains the registered user's name and organization, as well as information on the number of concurrent activations allowed and the specific version of SuperLab allowed.

If in future a site licenses both SuperLab Pro *and* RunTime through KeyServer they will treated by the KeyServer as separate programs and will be distributeable amongs users and machines as such. In that case SuperLab will use the "highest" version allowed by the server, that is, if the server will allow the machine to activate as both RunTime and Pro, the machine will activate as Pro. Likewise, if KeyServer only allows RunTime, but a license number has been entered, then the Nalpeiron licensing system will be used to launch as SuperLab Pro (this is why the demo version must be installed on the Mac side in order for the KeyServer support to operate correctly).