TN Index

2012.08.21 (reviewed)

TN 5: Special notes before upgrading from KeyServer 5.x

TN 6: Downgrading from 7.x to 6.2

TN 3689: Windows Client installer fails with "network error" message

TN 3692: SuperLab from Cedrus can be supported via a vendor policy

TN 3695: KeyAccess configuration for “Microsoft Application Virtualization”

TN 3697: Choose "Short Name" or full "Name" for upload to KeyServer as Macintosh account user name

TN 3701: K2 Dialog box messages

TN 3704: Custom “Deep Freeze” configuration to avoid interference with KeyAccess

TN 4266: Preparing a Unix-based KeyServer for Kerberos authentication within an Active Directory domain

TN 4291: Preparing a Windows-based KeyReporter for Active Directory admin authentication

TN 4398: Adobe CS 5, policy management - unkeyed or keyed

TN 4398.1: Deputizing Mac installers - CS 5

TN 4398.2: Adobe CS 5 - Mac File Names and Paths

TN 4399: Exempt personally owned software from the scope of institutional policies

TN 4487: Minimizing CS5 License Usage by Preferring Adobe Reader, Where Applicable

TN 4521: Adobe Updaters vs keyed programs

TN 4522: Deploying Keyed Adobe CS 6 Applications

TN 6497: Sample SQL Queries

TN 7760: Program Stamps for Windows Acrobat - ACROBAT, ACROSTD, ACROPRO, ACRO3D

TN 7771: Miscellaneous Q & A

TN 7772: AshBuilder - tool to facilitate serialization of cloned Adobe CS6 installations

TN 7773: Managing Bentley Select Licensing

TN 8080: KeyReporter standalone installations