K2 — Getting Started

Installation Guide & Technology Overview

I.  Introduction

II.  Quick Install & Tour

  • InstallServer, Admin, Client, Reporter
    1a. Install the KeyServer process on a single computer
    1b. If you have purchased the full K2 product, convert from evaluation mode
    2a. Install KeyAccess client software — (reboot required)
    2b. Test client connection to KeyServer
    3a. Install KeyConfigure, the administrative interface for K2
    3b. Test an admin connection to KeyServer
    4. [Optional] Enable KeyReporter, the web server for displaying reports in a browser
  • Explore KeyConfigurebasic interface
    5.  Computer Details
    6.  Referenced Products
    7.  Product Details
    8. Policy Details
    9. Purchase Details
    10. Reports
    11. Programs window
  • Products & PoliciesProducts, Reports, Policies
    12. Define a Product
    13. Edit the name of a discovered Program
    14. Finish defining the Product
    15. Make an Observe Policy for Calculator
    16. Generate Program Usage and Report on it
    17. Report on Policy Usage
    18. Make a Manage Policy
  • Computers windowDiscovering new clients
    19. Install and test the KeyAccess client on a second computer
    20. Change to Node Policy
    21. Remove a node from Calculator's list of licensed computers
    22. Run the Event Dump Report
    23. Change to Concurrent Policy
  • Group Definitionsdefining groups, using groups to specify policy scope
    24. Add a Scope to a Policy
    25. Define a Group
    26. Drag & Drop onto the Group icon in Policy Details
    27. Create a Computer Division — and then include it in a Group definition
  • Software Auditsscheduled, centralized, data collection
    28. Show the program Installs data for a selected computer
    29. Show the Audit data for a selected program
  • Filterssaved search, always available
    30. Create a Program Filter
  • Purchasesentering purchases, reconciling against policies
    31. Create a Purchase
    32. Reconcile the Purchase
    33. Create a Policy for the Purchase
    34. Create an upgrade Purchase
    35. Activate entitlements for the upgrade
    36. Correct Policies
    37. Product Reconciliation Window
  • Web Reportsscheduling reports, browser-based reports
    38. Start KeyReporter
    39. Connect to KeyReporter with any Web browser
  • Clean-upremoving the K2 demo files
    40. Uninstall the KeyServer
    41. Uninstall the KeyReporter
    42. Remove KeyConfigure
    43. Remove the K2 client software, KeyAccess

III. Options & Requirements — installation details

IV. Minor Updates — within 7.4

V. Major Upgrades — from 7.3 or earlier to 7.4

VI.  Appendix: OS Details