Shadows Window

The Shadows window (available from the Windows menu) lists every known KeyShadow, as well as the current state of the Shadow. KeyShadows can be configured by an administrator to avoid KeyServer service outages during network failures.


The Shadows windows list has three column headers: Location, State, and Last Synchronized. Within the list there is a group header named KeyServer, which represents the actual KeyServer. Clicking on the expansion icon on the left of the line will reveal the Shadows. In the group header, the State column simply tells the number of clients and the version of KeyServer.

The Shadows window shows the basic state of each known shadow. Double-clicking on a particular shadow will contact the shadow to get further details, and open up a Shadow Details Window. Note that if the shadow cannot be reached from the server, no details window will be opened, since all the information shown in the details window comes from the shadow.