7.2  ->  7.3 Important changes

This document describes the most important changes that a 7.2 admin should understand in order to take advantage of the new features in 7.3. New features are described with 7.2 as a point of reference and features that are essentially unchanged will not be mentioned here.

When you are ready to upgrade from a 7.2 installation, read the Server Upgrade 7.2 to 7.3 document, as it will give detailed steps including what to expect once you have upgraded.

If you are upgrading from 6.2 or older, read the changes 6.x -> 7.x document for details on the many significant changes to both the UI and functionality made since the 6.x versions. You can upgrade directly from any 6.x version to 7.3 (without going through an intermediate 7.0 / 7.1 / 7.2 upgrade) – but be sure to read the Server Upgrade 6.x to 7.x documentation.


In K2 version 7.3, we have added the concept of "Sections". Sections are a way to partition a single KeyServer in order to accomplish Federated Management. Section Manager accounts have limited visibility and configuration rights into only certain Computers and their relevant Policies and Purchases. For more about what Sections do and how to use them, refer to the Sections documentation.

Improved Access Control

Support for controlling admin access to specific objects in K2 has been improved in v7.3. The basic functionality has been made more flexible, and better defaults have been set up to avoid manual overrides in more cases. Access Control Lists, or ACLs are also important to making Section Administrators easier to configure. When upgrading from an earlier version, Access permissions are carried over from the previous configuration, but you can probably simplify configuration by changing settings after upgrade. Contact Sassafras tech support if you want help with this.

Java support

K2 is now able to audit and track usage of Java programs. In order to use this functionality, both KeyServer and KeyAccess must be version 7.3 or higher. Java programs appear just like any other programs, in the Programs window of KeyConfigure. They can be added to Products and will then appear in Audit reports, and those Products can have Policies for Usage Logging or Control - just like any other Products. Note that since KeyServer might be supporting some 7.3 clients and also some older e.g. 7.2 clients, it will "see" Java programs only on the clients that are 7.3 and newer.

New Program IDs

K2 7.3 introduces an enhanced way of uniquely identifying programs. Some program IDs are unaffected, but other programs will have a different ID when seen by a 7.3 client vs a pre-7.3 client. This change is important for supporting Java applications, but also can help improve recognition of non-java executables. KeyServer and KeyConfigure automate the addition of new program IDs to existing products in order to ensure a smooth upgrade that doesn't require a lot of manual reconfiguration.

Product Catalog

The Product Catalog reports list the products that are available for use on computers in each Section. This list is based on Products that have Policies. It is available both as a report in KeyConfigure, and a widget in KeyReporter. URLs can also be specified for the policies, and then these URLs are included as links when KeyReporter mentions each Product. The URLs can be used to download a product installer.

KeyReporter Functionality

In addition to the Product Catalog widget, KeyReporter has various new features and improvements, such as the ability to embed single KeyReporter widgets in other web pages, new options on the Availability Map page, and the ability to restrict some views to single Sections.