7.1  ->  7.2 Important changes

The most significant new feature in K2 version 7.2 is the addition of a flexible and powerful Dashboard. This document describes the most important changes that a 7.1 admin should understand in order to take advantage of the new features in 7.2. New features are described with 7.1 as a point of reference and features that are essentially unchanged will not be mentioned here.

When you are ready to upgrade from a 7.1 installation, read the Server Upgrade 7.1 to 7.2 document, as it will give detailed steps including what to expect once you have upgraded.

If you are upgrading from 6.2 or older, read the changes 6.x -> 7.x document for details on the many significant changes to both the UI and functionality made since the 6.x versions. You can upgrade directly from any 6.x version to 7.2 (without going through an intermediate 7.0 or 7.1 upgrade) – but be sure to read the Server Upgrade 6.x to 7.x documentation.

Dashboards, all new KeyReporter

In K2 version 7.2, KeyReporter has been completely rewritten. It now supports customizable dashboards to give quick insight into important metrics without the need for running reports. Each KeyServer administrator can customize and save their own dashboard layout, choosing from a broad range of widgets. The overall web UI has been modernized and improved. KeyReporter has also been more tightly integrated with KeyServer so for example any reports run in KeyConfigure can be accessed within KeyReporter.

User based licensing metrics

We have added direct support for User based licensing metrics. For example, configuring a policy to use a "User" metric will enforce a limit on the number of unique users who can use the policy. In order to use the policy, a user must be on the named user list for that policy (which can be pre-configured or auto-populated until the license limit is reached). To support these license types, there is a new Users database and corresponding window in KeyConfigure. This window shows all users that exist in the database, while the window that has always shown which users have an active connection to KeyServer has been renamed "Connected Clients".

New options for lease license metrics

We have added additional options to Policies that use the Lease or User Lease metrics. A 1 hour "On Hour" lease can be used to enforce Bentley SELECT licensing. This configuration creates a metric where the consumption of the license is measured by the number of computers (or users) that use the license within any hour (e.g. 8:00 - 9:00).

New Reports

There are some new standard reports in version 7.2. Some of them, like Compliance (PROD) and Reconcile (PROD) exist primarily to support Dashboard widgets - you might not run them directly in KeyConfigure very often. Others might be just as useful in KeyConfigure as in the corresponding widget. Upgrade Discoveries (PRGM) shows programs which are not in any product, but where some earlier version of the same program is an application in a product. These programs are likely newly released versions for which you should configure a product. Upgrade Discoveries (PROD) shows products that are not referenced by a purchase or policy, yet some earlier version of the product is referenced. These products are likely to be candidates for configuring policies or locating and entering purchase records.

New Recognition for Editions

KeyAccess includes new code to distinguish between certain product editions where the executable is the same across unique editions. New code distinguishes editions of Oracle (on Windows) and Visual Studio.