Software Availability

Through the simple Software Availability widget and page, anyone with web browser access can locate a public computer where certain software is installed. With Lab Maps configured, people can tell at a glance whether the software they need is available on a free computer.

Searching for Software

The Software Availability widget and page both present a search field for selecting the software product of interest. Type a partial product name and the possible matches will be listed, as shown in the picture below.

Once the desired software has been selected, hit Enter or click the Search button to see a list of the locations where that software is installed. When a guest user is searching, only the computers in divisions that have associated Maps will be searched.

The results show a summary of where the software is installed, with the number of computers in each location have the software. Click on a location to go to the Availability Map page, where more detailed information is presented.

Availability on Lab Maps

Opening the Availability Map with a product selected will show those computers where the software is installed. Computers without the software will be dimmed, so the relevant computers are easier to discern. Like any availability map, the computers are colored to show which are currently in use and which are free.

Other Available Software

The search menu in the upper right of the Availability map lists all the other software installed on computers in this location, along with the number of computers that have each product. Selecting a product from this menu changes the map to show where it is installed.