Enforcing Bentley SELECT licensing with K2 7.2

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Update (2015-01-25) In K2 version, we have added additional functionality to better manage some intricacies of how Bentley measures SELECT licensing. For full details, read the technote Managing Bentley SELECT Licensing.

Bentley SELECT licensing is somewhat of an unusual license type. Under SELECT licensing, the usage of the license is measured by counting the total number of computers that use the product within any given hour. Any usage exceeding your purchased limit is overage, and results in charges at the end of each quarter. For example suppose your license limit is 2. If computer A uses a product from 1:05 to 1:10, and computer B uses the product from 1:15 to 1:20, then these two computers can use the product as much as they would like for the rest of the hour (until 2:00) but any other computer using the product in the hour will cause a license overage (often resulting in additional fees).

For years, we have implemented a similar metric that we call the Lease metric – for more, read our earlier post on Bentley SELECT Licensing vs. Lease License.

With the release of K2 version 7.2, we have implemented active enforcement for the exact license metric used by Bentley SELECT. This metric is implemented using a new option for Lease Policies, the “On Hour” option. Configuring a policy in this way is very simple, as shown in the screenshot below.

Update: see the newer article about Taming Bentley SELECT Licensing to Reduce Costs with Sassafras K2 for a important refinements on the configuration shown below.


So to enforce Bentley SELECT licensing, create a Lease Policy in K2, with a 1 hour Renewal Period, and the “On Hour” option enabled. This policy will actively enforce the same limit that is measured by Bentley, preventing overages and saving you on true-up costs.

Note that this type of policy will work best with a 7.2 or higher KeyAccess. Older versions of KeyAccess will require the user to quit the program at the end of each hour, although they can always relaunch the program right away and start using it in the next hour.

As with any license metric that is usage based (e.g. Concurrent or Lease), you might also consider using the Idle settings, so that someone who launches a program and walks away from their computer will not continue to use up a license. First, configure the global idle intervals in General Settings, e.g.:


Next, configure the specific policy to warn/quit when programs are idle:


Note that idle is based purely on an application being in the background or minimized. It is still possible for someone to leave an application in the foreground, and even though they are not actively using the application, it does not get seen as idle by KeyAccess. Still, the option is useful to cut down on accidental/forgotten usage.

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  1. Andreas ZieritzJune 24, 2014 at 4:57 am #

    In fact you can set a 2 minutes browse period as well, we’ve got confirmation from Bentley that usage below 3 minutes are not accounted for.

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