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Enforcing Bentley’s new 10-minute Term Licensing with K2

To read how to enforce Bentley’s 10-minute Term licensing with K2 7.4, see this new post. Earlier this year, Bentley customers started to receive an email from Bentley titled “New Improvements to your Term License”. The essential change was to reduce “the interval used to calculate usage from one hour to ten minutes.” Details at the time […]

Availability Maps in KeyReporter

It can be hard to find the time to explore all of K2’s functionality, or to get around to taking advantage of a feature even after realizing its value. One very useful feature that may have been overlooked is “Availability Maps”. This feature was added first in 7.2 as part of the KeyReporter web functionality, […]

New Login Reports

In the 2015-02-25 image, we have added six new Login reports. Here’s a quick peek at one of them: The report above lets you easily compare computer utilization on different days. This report has been customized to show days, with no further detail – but it can be configured to be more granular, displaying distinct […]

Taming Bentley SELECT Licensing to Reduce Costs with Sassafras K2

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Bentley SELECT software licensing can be closely managed by Sassafras K2 to avoid excess usage charges in Bentley’s quarterly billing statements. A K2 policy configured to track and manage licensing based on Bentley’s concept of hourly usage “buckets” will prevent your organization from accidentally using more Bentley SELECT licenses than you own. Customers using K2 […]

64-bit considerations with K2

We are often asked “I have a 64-bit Windows computer. Should I install 32-bit or 64-bit components?” Our recommendation is generally to install 64-bit components on a 64-bit OS. For the KeyServer component in particular though, there are a few cases that require the use of 32-bit components on a 64-bit OS. We’ll also describe […]

New Adobe & Microsoft Product Definitions

We have recently added several new product definitions to PRS. As usual, they will automatically be added to your Products window whenever your KeyServer has discovered a similar footprint on your site. Definitions for Adobe Captivate 8, Creative Cloud 2014 as well as various specific editions of Microsoft Visual Studio are included. Captivate 8 Captivate […]